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Day of the Hyperbeast


Opening reception, September 14, 2013

Gravelmouth invites you to join us Second Saturday in the South Flores Arts District as we welcome Austin artist Hector Hernandez in his solo exhibit “The Day of Hyperbeast” Hectors unique investigation of color and form immediately drew us into his photography and kept us wanting more. Here is a little insight to Hectors work.

Artist statement:
The Day of Hyperbeast is about form, energy, light and movement. When I first began the series, I was interested in creating new characters, but I also wanted to add an element that I felt had been missing from my previous work. Color. The explosion of color is the “hyper” in hyperbeast. Bold, untamed and vibrant.
I began the series by experimenting with fabrics and how light reflected on them. When I added movement, the fabric changed from something I recognized as a piece of cloth, thin and fragile, to a mass of shapes and light. The hyperbeast was born.
I imagined that these creatures exist in some other universe, that they roam wild somewhere, like lions or giraffes in Africa. I am simply capturing them in their natural habitats. Then again, I sometimes imagine that these hyperbeasts exist in our own world at some hidden level. They could exist, hidden to us in the same way that atomic and subatomic particles used to be hidden. These creatures could be a part of our world, dancing and living in the same spaces where we exist.

Opening reception, September 14, 2013
Gravelmouth Gallery 
1906 S. Flores
San Antonio, TX 78204

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