The Longest Distance @ BLUEorange contemporary art

Solo show in Houston

Promo + Info

My commute is about getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. However, the daily routine of commuting to and from work over time turns into visual white noise. The repetition of treading the same landscape loses its clarity as trees melt into a green blur.

What if I changed the goal of the trip? What if I focused on the journey and ignored the destination? Suddenly, objects, foliage, landmarks, previously ignored take on greater meaning and hold my interest longer. Attempting to answer these questions generated new questions and subsequently new artwork, ultimately leading to the work for this exhibition titled, The Longest Distance.

11109444_10153050183443386_3350464060873361918_o 11334295_10153050183418386_482596563732068627_o 11251283_10153050184033386_5706840208818429532_o 11266392_10153050183438386_1141290605545343458_n

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