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LOS OUTSIDERS + Drawing Lines

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10 Districts. 10 Projects. 1 City.

An artist-driven, community-based public project, Drawing Lines was commissioned in response to Austin’s historic political transformation. At its core, Drawing Lines is an exploratory conversation about the dynamics of place. It’s a project about process that examines the role of contemporary culture in the transition and transformation of place. The project explores how art itself, as a process, can be part of the conversation about Austin’s newly restructured political system and embeds artists within the foundation of a rapidly changing, ever-evolving

In 2012, the citizens of Austin initiated and voted for a new political system where city council members represent specific geographic districts, beginning with the November 2014 election. Exploring these citizen-driven yet prescribed boundaries of place, Drawing Lines embeds artists in each of the ten newly drawn districts to co-create a place-specific public project with the residents of the new districts. Ultimately, the ten district projects will come together in one citywide exhibition reflecting on the new 10-1 political structure and the dynamic cultural life of each of the districts and thus the city itself.

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Los Outsiders, the Austin based creative collective, began in 2007 when Jaime Salvador Castillo, Michael Anthony García and Hector Hernandez met exhibiting work in Mexic-Arte Museum’s “Young Latino Artists 11: Juventud Desenfrenada.” With the addition of Robert Jackson Harrington in 2014, Los Outsiders broadened the scope of their creative endeavors.

Collectively, Los Outsiders develop platforms for artistic dialog such as the Los Outsider video-podcasts, and by curating group exhibitions with local, national and international artists. Recent projects include Dance Your Pants Off and #ATXLoteria, focusing on artist driven community involvement and engagement.

In 2012, the Austin Critics’ Table awarded Los Outsiders Best Group Show Curation for “Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.” Currently, Los Outsiders upcoming curatorial project Gently Fried for the Emma S. Barrientos MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center) is set to debut in April 2015.


Los Outsides + FUSEBOX Festival

I’m part of LOS OUTSIDERS art collective and we curated GENTLY FRIED 

Act I performance




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