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MOCA meets Hyperbeast


Museum of Contemporary Art – Los Angeles

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Thank you Robb for Including  Hyperbeast in your presentation.


Hector Hernandez

Hyperbeast: Vulca  (2014)

Warhol Initiative

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On view from Wednesday, August 27th to Saturday, November 15th, at Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana in San Jose, California, is Unmasked, work by Hector Hernandez, Dulce Pinzón, Carlos Donjuan and Rio Yañez, that “explores social and cultural issues of identity and otherness through the visual language of comic books, the notion of superheroes, and tropes of science fiction” (description from MACLA website).

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Hector Hernandez, Hyperbeast: Azules (2014)

Art Daily

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SAN JOSE, CA.- MACLA/ Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana opens its 2014-15 season with UNMASKED, an exhibition about real and re-imagined superheroes.

Hector Hernandez’ gorgeously minimal and provocative Hyperbeast series reduces the idea of superheroes into a language of form, color, and geometry to transcend notions of identity, race, and gender. Hernandez also reminds us that even superheroes are vulnerable. Otherworldly figures are concealed, gender obscured, consumed by pieces of cloth, and vulnerable to the exterior world, but remain visions of beauty in the movement of highly saturated colors from the materials that adorn them.

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Hector Hernandez

Hyperbeast: Juggernaut

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